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Jonathan Kauffman - Owner/Manager

Jonathan Kauffman - Owner/Manager View

Far too many pre-owned car dealers have a lousy reputation. Ever wished to car shop at a small-business instead of a massive car lot? How do you know that the sales team is not manipulating you with small lies instead of telling the truth?

When that sales team consists of just one person, who has been called �Honest Jon�, then you know your next used vehicle purchase could be a Quality Auto experience.

Almost 25 years ago Jonathan started an auto repair business, known then as Jon�s Quick Service. In 1994, the business moved about one-quarter of a mile west on Route 133 in Arthur to its current location. With his entrepreneurial spirit and desire offer VALUE in used autos, Jonathan opened a second business at the new location --- Quality Auto.

Jonathan has earned ASE certification for auto repair, but he also saw the need in Arthur for affordable used cars, trucks, and vans. With 25 years of experience in auto repair, and 13 years of used car sales experience in Arthur, IL, come see why some know him as �Honest Jon�.